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Notice is hereby given that an approval pursuant to 326 IAC 4-1 has been granted to Keith Sharpe, Coffee Creek Watershed Conservancy, Inc., Chesterton, to conduct a 1-unit-10-acre prairie grasses, forbs and leaf litter prescribed burn for native vegetation restoration/maintenance purposes at the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve property within Coffee Creek Center, 2401 Village Point Road, Chesterton at the southwest corner of the SR 49/Sidewalk Road, Intersection.. The actual burn subunits are located directly east of Phillips Pond southeast of Chesterton, Porter County.

Any affected person wishing to challenge this decision is required by Indiana Code Section (IC) 4-21.5-3-7 to file a petition for administrative review. (Please note that a “petition for administrative review” is not a compilation of interested party signatures but is a legal document, the requirements of which are described in IC 4-21.5-3-7.) The petition must include facts demonstrating that you are either the applicant, a person aggrieved or adversely affected by the decision, or otherwise entitled to review by law. The petition must be submitted in writing to the Office of Environmental Adjudication, 100 North Senate Avenue, Government Center North, Room N-501E, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, within fifteen (15) days of the date of publication of this newspaper notice.

Pursuant to IC 13-14-8-11 (formerly IC 13-7-7-6), IC 4-21.5-5 and IC 4?21.5?3?7, this decision will become effective fifteen (15) days after the publication date of this newspaper notice or, in the case of individuals who have received personal notifications, eighteen (18) days after the mailing date of this Notice of Approval unless a petition for review is submitted by an affected party. Pursuant to IC 4?21.5?3?5(d), the Office of Environmental Adjudication will provide an interested party with notice of any pre-hearing conferences, preliminary hearing, or orders disposing of the review of this decision if a written request is submitted to the Office of Environmental Adjudication.

A copy of the Approval decision is available along with further information regarding the appeal process for inspection and copying at the Porter County Health Department, 1401 North Calumet Avenue, Valparaiso, and at the Westchester Public Library, 200 West Indiana Avenue, Chesterton.

(April 25, 2011)