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WHEREAS, the Porter County Board of Commissioners adopted the Porter County Code on Tuesday, December 2, 1997 pursuant to Ordinance No. 97-38; and

WHEREAS, the Porter County Board of Commissioners has deemed it necessary to amend Chapters 15.20 (Plan Commission Fees and Building Fees) of the Porter County Code.


1. Chapters 15.20 (Plan Commission Fees and Building Fees) of the Porter County Code, is deleted in its entirety and replaced with new fees to read as follows:

2. Chapters 15.20 (Plan Commission Fees and Building Fees) Sections 15.20.010 is added to the Porter County Municipal Code to read as follows:

15.20.010 Fees

The following fees apply to the permits issued by the Plan Commission and the Building Department.

Single Family Residential and Two-Family New Construction and Additions

Fees include square footage for living area, bonus room, attached garage

One and Two-Family Residential Base Fee $250, plus $0.15 per sq. ft.

Open Frame Porch Enclosure $100.00

Enclosed Frame Porch $200.00

Open Deck$75.00

Demolition $75.00

Multi-Family Residential: New Construction and Additions

New Construction and Additions $500.00 per unit, plus $0.15 per

sq. ft.

Manufactured Home Park Districts (MP)

Mobile Home (Residential Manufactured Home Community) includes electric) $300.00

Alterations, Repairs, or Remodeling to all Residential Structures

Interior Remodel $0.15 sq. ft. with a minimum of $85.00

Exterior Remodel (includes re-roofs) $65.00

Accessory Buildings, Agricultural Buildings and Detached Garages, New Construction and Additions

80 sq. ft. to 1300 sq. ft. $100.00

1301 sq. ft. to 2399 sq. ft. $150.00

2400 sq. ft. and larger $200.00

Demolition $75.00

Accessory Buildings – Alterations, Repairs, or Remodels to Accessory Structures and Detached Garage

Interior $85.00

Exterior $65.00

Above-ground and In-ground Pool

In-ground Pool $100.00

Above Ground Pool $75.00

Fence $50.00


Temporary Service, Box Change, Amp Upgrade $75.00

Commercial, Industrial and Non-residential Uses

Primary structure use is non-residential. This fee structure includes structures used for Use Variances and Permanent Use Variances as granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals

New Construction and Addition Base fee $300, plus $0.20 per sq. ft.

Maximum $10,000

Alterations,Repairs and Remodels Base fee $200 plus $ 0.20 per sq. ft

Maximum $10,000

Mini-warehouse, New Construction and Additions Base fee $200 plus $0.08 per sq. ft.

Outdoor Advertising Structures $300.00

Permanent Ground Sign $200.00

Permanent Wall Sign $100.00

Temporary Event Sign $40.00

Solid Waste Facility $1000.00

Wind Energy Conversion Systems (large) per tower $1,250.00

Wind Energy Conversion Systems (small on-site) $100.00

Demolition Permit $75.00

Telecommunication Towers and all other Towers

New Construction (Towers and Equipment) $1,250.00

Antennas $500 each

Early Bird Fine

Start construction prior to permit issuance The amount of the permit X (times) 2 (e.g. $100 = $100 X 2 = $200)

Re-inspection Fee

Erosion control measures not in place or in need of maintenance, re-inspection after Red Card is issued by Plan Commission Office and/or Building Department $100.00

Plan Commission

Primary Plat, Secondary Plat, Replat and Development Plan Applications (Fee paid when application has been deemed complete. Staff will notify petitioner when application is complete)

Primary, Secondary and Replats Base Fee $650.00 Plus $12.00 per lot

Development Plan Applications Base Fee $650.00 Plus $12.00 per acre

Appeals to Development Advisory Committee $300.00

Amendments $650.00

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Modification to existing plans Base Fee $650.00 plus, $12.00 per acre

Vacation of Subdivision $400.00

Easements (and Right-Of-Way) Modification, Termination or Vacations $250.00

Independent Storm Water Review

Residential Subdivisions $125.00 plus

$25.00 per lot or $40.00 per acre

(whichever is greater)

Commercial/Industrial Subdivisions

Development Plan $125.00 plus

$55.00 per lot or $55.00 per acre

(whichever is greater)

Field Inspection after submission of As-built Plans (fee to be paid to release of Performance Guarantees) $200.00

If substantial changes are made to a Primary Plat Application during the review process prior to the Plan Commission hearing, the independent storm water engineer may charge an hourly rate above the fee stated in this schedule. Said fee structure is attached to this ordinance. Said fee covers two (2) reviews; after two (2) reviews, an hourly rate will be charged in addition to calculated fee

Administrative Fee $100.00

Independent Erosion Control Review

Engineer V $110.00 per hour

Engineer IV $100.00 per hour

Engineer Technician $85.00 per hour

All Other Technician III $85.00 per hour

Word Processing/Secretary $55.00 per hour

Direct Costs: Outside Copies, Blueprints, Messenger, Delivery Services, Mileage Cost + 10%

Administrative Processing Fee $100.00

Fees shall be collected for the Erosion Control Review prior to the Plan Commission hearing. Failure to submit plan prior to said hearing will result in automatic continuance of case.

Subdivision and Development Plan Infrastructure Inspection - Engineer

Professional Engineer $125.00 per hour

Professional Land Surveyor $125.00 per hour

Engineering Intern $100.00 per hour

Construction Technician $95.00 per hour

Topographic Survey Crew $175.00 per hour

One Person GPS Crew $160.00 per hour

CAD Technician $80.00 per hour

Mileage Current Federal Rate

Site Improvement/Erosion Permit

Subdivision, PUDs, and Development Plans (permits are not required for One and Two-family residential construction permits) $150.00

Early Bird Construction Fine

Infrastructure construction prior to approval as per Porter County UDO $50.00 per day, up to $2,500

Temporary Use Permits

Contractor’s Trailer (includes electrical) $80.00 / annual renewal

Farm Stand (includes electrical) $80.00 / annual renewal

Model Home $80.00 / annual renewal

Board of Zoning Appeals

Development Standards Variances

(Chapters 2 and 5 UDO) $375.00

Development Standards Variances, Subdivision, Development Plan (Chapter 7 UDO) $500.00

Development Standards Variance

(Chapter 7.28 Storm Water Standards; General UDO) $600.00 – plus independent storm water review fee (if applicable)

Development Standards Variance

(Chapter 10 UDO) Base Fee $600.00 Plus $12.00 per acre

Use Variance $375.00

Special Exceptions $400.00

Special Exceptions Use: Telecommunication Facilities over 150 feet requiring Special Exception or Use Variance $650.00

Special Exceptions: Large WECS (Aggregate Project) $2,000.00

Special Exception:

Small WECS $250.00

Annual Renewal of Use Variance and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (Mobile Home) $50.00*

* renewal fee must be paid prior to scheduling of case for renewal to the Board of Zoning Appeals

Appeals of the Executive Director’s Decision $500.00

Appeals of the Building Commissioner’s Decision $500.00

Home Occupations $200.00

Mineral Extraction Permits $1,000.00

Zoning Verification Letter $40.00

Copy Fees

8 1/2 X 11 $ 0.10

8 1/2 X 14 $ 0.10

11 X 17 $ 0.15

18 X 24 $ 2.50

24 X 36 $ 3.00

30 X 30 $ 4.00

30 X 42 $ 5.00

Return Check Fee

Insufficient Funds $30.00

Payment will only be accepted in cash, Cashier’s check or money order after a return check has been received

Plan Commission fees and Building Department fees shall be reviewed on an annual basis prior to the first day in June. The staff of the Building and Planning Departments with the Plan Commission and County Commissioners shall conduct said review.

Effective date of fee structure upon passage of this Ordinance, February 1, 2010

This Ordinance passed and adopted this 19th day of January, 2010


Robert P. Harper

John A. Evans

Carole Knoblock

Attest: James Kopp, Auditor

I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that I have taken reasonable care to redact each social security number in this document, unless required by law.

Robert W. Thompson, Jr., AICP

Executive Director/County Planner

(January 27, 2010, February 3, 2010)