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State dissolves need to visit a license branch

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Beginning in the new year, Indiana motorists will no longer obtain their registration cards, stickers or license plates from their area license branch, but will get the items sent to them via the mail.

BMV Commissioner R. Scott Waddell announced a new centralized distribution system that will eliminate the stockpiling of license plates at BMV branches.

Customers can renew their registrations online at, by phone at 888-692-6841 or by mail using a new postage-paid envelope enclosed with the registration renewal reminder.

The BMV said people with a more complex registration issue can still receive assistance from the staff at a license branch. Customers may also order a plate or renew their registration at the branch, but the license plate and/or registration card and sticker will still be mailed to them from the central facility within 14 business days.

“Unless a registration renewal is unusually complex, there's no need for customers to visit a license branch,” Waddell said. “Centralized distribution is more effective and will virtually eliminate inventory costs since plates are not produced until they are needed.”

The BMV said that historically, plate inventories in branches caused costly excesses at the end of the plate cycle.

The new make-to-order production system allows all license plates to be printed immediately when the order is received.


Posted 12/30/2010




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