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Soliday's self driving vehicle bill advances

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Legislation authored by State Rep. Ed Soliday which would expand automated vehicle operations has passed out of the House Roads and Transportation committee.

Soliday’s legislation would enable automated vehicles--vehicles that do not need a human driver--to be operated on public roads under certain guidelines.

“As Chair of Roads and Transportation, my main priority is ensuring the safety of Hoosier motorists,” Soliday said. “This legislation is designed to maintain the safety of those who use our roads, while also creating an environment for growth and innovation in Indiana for automated vehicles.”

In addition, Soliday’s bill would establish the Automated Vehicle Oversight Task Group, comprised of members representing the BMV, the Department of Insurance, the Department of Transportation, and the Indiana State Police, as well as a representative of the local jurisdiction where operations would occur.

The task group’s purpose would be to oversee and regulate the operation of automated vehicles.

House Bill 1341 can now be heard by the full House. To learn more, visit




Posted 1/18/2018




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