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Soliday electric bicycle bill advances to Senate

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State Rep. Ed Soliday’s (R-Valparaiso) legislation addressing electric bicycle safety recently advanced out of the House of Representatives.

Electric bicycles are equipped with motors to assist cyclers as they pedal. Since these bicycles and other electric transportation devices have become increasingly popular, Soliday said legislation is needed to outline safety requirements for users and manufacturers.

“Electric bicycles provide Hoosiers a healthy and convenient alternative for transportation,” Soliday said. “As we see more of these bicycles on streets and trails across the state, we want to ensure the safety of riders and pedestrians. By putting a few commonsense guidelines in place, we can help keep Hoosier riders safe.”

Soliday’s legislation would require manufacturers to display a label on each bicycle including information on class, top speed, and motor power, and to equip each bicycle with a motor that disengages when the user stops pedaling or applies the brakes.

Soliday’s proposal would also address specifications for Class 3 bicycles, which have more powerful motors and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Because of their high speeds, Soliday said users should be at least 15 years old to operate a Class 3 electric bicycle, and riders under 18 should wear helmets. It would also empower local authorities to determine where and when electric bicycles can be used.

HB 1236 now moves to the Senate for consideration. To learn more, visit


Posted 2/7/2019




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