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Soliday bill to provide more transport options for disabled students passes House

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The Indiana House of Representatives voted unanimously on Tuesday in support a bill authored by State Rep. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, which would provide more transportation options for Hoosier students with developmental disabilities.

That measure would allow school corporations to enter into agreements with organizations serving Hoosiers with developmental disabilities in order to be able to use school buses to transport passengers.

“This proposal expands current law to allow organizations that are outside school districts, like the Special Olympics, to use local school corporation buses,” Soliday said. “This legislation benefits groups that are not within the school district but still within our area, that should be able to travel together while representing our community.”

The bill would also allow for transportation to be provided to students not living within the contracted school’s district if involved with the organization using the bus.

House Bill 1507 is now headed to the Senate for further consideration. Constituents can stay up-to-date on Soliday’s legislation by visiting


Posted 2/1/2017




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