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Senator Todd Young warns of starvation peril in Africa

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U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., is urging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to make “a comprehensive diplomatic effort” to save millions of people in Africa from imminent starvation.

In a bipartisan letter delivered to Tillerson--signed by other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee--Young detailed “the dire conditions” in northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen which are “preventing humanitarian aid from being delivered” and imperiling as many as 20 million people.

“The scale and complexity of these crises might lead some to say the situation is hopeless,” the letter reads. “ We reject such a response as U.S. leadership can make an enormous difference, and we believe the Department of State can and should lead a diplomatic effort now to reduce the political barriers that are hindering the delivery of food to millions of starving people. The U.S. government has a strategic and moral imperative to do nothing less.”


Posted 3/24/2017




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