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Report says ISTEP disruptions had no impact on scores

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Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) An outside review of glitches that disrupted Indiana's online standardize testing this spring concludes those problems had no measurable negative impact on students' scores, even though they affected at least one-sixth of the students who took the test.

The report released Monday shows contractor CTB/McGraw-Hill reported nearly 80,000 students in grades three through eight had at least one part of their test interrupted when server glitches kicked them offline. That's about 16 percent of all students who took the test.

But the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment found the statewide impact of the glitches on student scores wasn't measurable.

Its report says schools reported another 60,000 students' tests were interrupted by the glitches. That would boost the number of affected students to 29 percent of those tested.


Posted 7/29/2013