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Police: Car crusher rose and struck I-465 overpass

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) The Latest on damage to an Interstate 465 overpass on Indianapolis' west side:

Indiana State Police say damage to an Interstate 465 overpass that's closed miles of the highway occurred when a car crusher being hauled by a truck activated and struck concrete beams as the load passed beneath that bridge.

Capt. Dave Bursten says the car compactor was being hauled by a tractor when that machine malfunctioned and rose on its own. He tells The Indianapolis Star the activated compacting equipment struck the Rockville Road/U.S. 36 bridge Tuesday as it passed underneath it.

The collision damaged four of the bridge's concrete beams, showering the highway with concrete and leaving reinforcing steel dangling beneath the span.

Indianapolis police say six cars were damaged in the incident and one woman was hospitalized in good condition after debris from the bridge fell onto her car.

The Indiana Department of Transportation says Interstate 465's northbound lanes are likely to remain closed or restricted for several days on Indianapolis' west side as crews assess damage to a bridge that was struck by a load being hauled by a truck.

Riggs says the highway's northbound lanes are closed between I-465's Interstate 70 interchange and the 10th Street interchange.

He says INDOT crews are assessing the bridge damage, but both the highway's northbound lanes and the bridge will remain closed "until further notice."

Posted 1/10/2017




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