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New Indiana law prohibits bosses from requiring device implants in workers

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A new Indiana law which will take effect on July 1 prohibits businesses from requiring device implants as a condition of employment or of receiving additional compensation or benefits.

The law defines “device” as any “acoustic, optical, mechanical, electronic, medical, or molecular device.”

Specifically forbidden:

--The mandated implantation of any such device in an employee’s or candidate’s body.

--The mandated injection of any such device.

--The mandated ingestion, inhalation, or other incorporation of such a device by an employee or candidate.

Employers may not discriminate against any employee who refuses the implantation of a device with respect to compensation and benefits or terms and conditions of employment.

Employees or prospective employees may bring a civil action against an employer to enforce the law, and employers found in violation of the law are liable for actual damages and court costs and attorneys’ fees.



Posted 4/14/2020




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