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Moseley rips Toll Road rate hike

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State Rep. Chuck Moseley (D-Portage) issued the following statement Tuesday after the operators of the Indiana Toll Road announced that a subsidy program in place since 2006 will end on May 31:

“We’ve been waiting for this day to come for more than a decade, and now it’s here: the beginning of unlimited, unchecked increases in tolls for people who travel along the most critical transportation artery in Northern Indiana.

“It’s not to say we should be surprised. The architects of this program have long left the employ of state government, and they will have little concern about the impact on people who rely upon the Toll Road for daily travel to work and home.

“The timing is perfect, of course. The subsidy was scheduled to expire last June, but fortunately there were a few dollars left to take us past last November’s election. Now the increases can come, and there’s little to be done to hold the proper officials accountable.

“Shame on all of them. Shame on the Daniels and Pence Administrations for sitting idly by while the clock ticked. Now the drivers pay the price, and there’s little concern shown by the private group that manages the Toll Road except to offer flowery statements about improvements that should have been in place years ago.

“For the people who will suffer the most, let us hope that the improvements promised in this year’s road plan get going as quickly as hoped. Thank goodness that the Legislature did approve the South Shore program and will begin work on it soon. It cannot come soon enough.”



Posted 5/3/2017




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