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Lobbying states reps for Passenger Rail Commission

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The Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance (IPRA) and the Northern Indiana Passenger Rail Association (NIPRA) are jointly sponsoring an initiative for the State of Indiana to establish an Indiana Passenger Rail Commission.

The Passenger Rail Commission would serve as a tool to focus and coordinate the efforts of state advocacy organizations, INDOT, NICTD and other regional planning organizations to develop modern, 21st-century passenger rail systems in the state.

“To do this requires action on the part of the Indiana General Assembly,” IPRA and NIPRA said in a statement. “We have reached out to several state senators and representatives about having the idea of a Passenger Rail Commission be included in the summer study sessions which take place between regular sessions of the General Assembly. This could position us to have draft legislation ready to be introduced during the following General Assembly session.”

IPRA and NIPRA are accordingly asking residents to urge their state representatives and senators to include the matter of a Passenger Rail Commission in the upcoming summer study session.

“Today we are asking you to reach out to your state representative and state senator about including the Passenger Rail Commission in the upcoming Summer study session. But you must act quickly,” the statement said. “Proposals must be in by the end of this week.”

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Posted 1/28/2020






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