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Indiana union members rally to oppose GOP plans

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Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Union members are rallying at the Indiana Statehouse ahead of a 2012 session set to be dominated by “right-to-work” legislation.

Protesters filled the hallways outside the House and Senate chambers Tuesday ahead of the General Assembly’s largely ceremonial Organization Day sessions in the afternoon. Some carried signs calling “right to work” a lie.

Lawmakers will begin their 2012 session in early January.

Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma and Republican Senate President Pro Tem David Long said Monday that passing “right-to-work” legislation will be their top priority next year. The measure would ban unions and businesses from adopting contracts requiring workers pay fees to the unions for representation.

House Democrats staged a five-week walkout this year to block the measure although new fines make a repeat less likely.


Posted 11/22/2011