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Indiana State Police Warn about IRS Scam

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The Indiana State Police are warning the public of a scam that has been circulating around the state involving individuals claiming to be from the IRS.

Officials are investigating a phone scam involving callers who impersonate Internal Revenue Service representatives and demand immediate payments with pre-paid debit cards and wire transfers. The caller often claims the victim owes thousands of dollars in overdue taxes, police said.

According to the IRS the agency would always make contact with the taxpayer first by mail or with a personal visit.

Police said the scam continues when the caller tells the victim he cannot use standard forms of payment, specifically a credit card to pay the taxes. The caller tries to justify why the money has to be wired to a PayPal account or paid using a prepaid debit card, police said.

If the caller is unsuccessful talking to the victim the scammer will then threaten the victim with an arrest warrant, police said. The IRS doesn’t have the authority to issue warrants. In this scam, as with most of them, the calls are originating from cell phones or over the internet from all over the U.S. and tracking down the 21st century con artist is no easy task, police said. Police feel that a well informed public is the best defense in combating scammers and remind everyone that these phone scams and cyber crimes are becoming commonplace.

If a victim of this scam, contact the Treasury Inspector General on at:


Posted 7/15/2014