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Indiana looks to replace GED as changes loom

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FRANKLIN, Ind. (AP) - Indiana is looking for a new test to help students earn a high school equivalency degree amid concerns about changes in price and format for the General Education Development exam.

Pearson, which owns rights to the GED, is raising the examís price in Indiana from $70 to $120 and switching to an online test in 2014. The moves have prompted concerns about whether students can afford the higher cost and whether students without computer experience will have trouble with the online exam.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesman Joe Frank told the Daily Journal that the state wants the exam students take to be both affordable and understandable, and that means using paper and pencil.

Nationwide, 40 states are considering replacing the GED.

The state plans to work with teachers throughout Indiana to find an exam that meets state and national educational standards and is recognized by colleges and employers across the country, workforce development commissioner Scott Sanders said in a statement.

The clock is ticking. The GED testing and price changes take effect Jan. 2.

Many career centers have increased the number of classes for the GED this year in an effort to get as many students through the exam as possible by the end of the year. Any student who hasnít passed all five sections of the GED exam by the end of the year will have to retake the entire test next year under the new format.

Frank said Indiana could continue using the GED if Pearson decides to lower the cost and make a paper-and-pencil version available. But he said the stateís goal is to have an alternate exam selected in July so that career centers can get details and preparation materials in August.




Posted 6/10/2013