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Indiana House reject limits on golden parachute for exgovernors

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INDIANAPOLIS Legislative Republicans have defeated a Democratic proposal aimed at preventing a repeat of Purdue University's hiring of Mitch Daniels as its new president while he was still governor.

House Democratic leader Scott Pelath offered the provision, which would have required a governor to be out of office for a year before being appointed president of a state university.

Pelath says he's sure Daniels will be a good president at Purdue, but that his selection six months before leaving office set a "horrible precedent." He says he worries about future governors lining up taxpayer-supported jobs for themselves by using their power to appoint university trustees and board members of other public entities.

Daniels' move to lead Purdue came with a more than 500 percent pay increase over his take as Indiana governor.

House members voted 65-28 against Pelath's proposal after Republican floor leader Bill Friend said the proposal should've been offered in a separate bill for committee debate.



Posted 3/14/2013