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Indiana House OKs bill to kill energy efficiency program

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RICK CALLAHAN, Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) The Indiana House has approved a bill that would end Indiana's 2-year-old energy-efficiency program that helps homeowners and businesses cut their energy use.

The House approved the bill Wednesday on a 69-26 vote that returns it to the Senate for consideration.

The bill would end the Energizing Indiana program that's financed through a fee customers pay on their monthly electricity bills.

The program's website says its home energy assessments, weatherizations and other offerings have saved enough energy to power nearly 78,000 Indiana homes.

Democratic state Rep. Matt Pierce of Bloomington urged the House to reject the bill. He says killing the program would increase the need for new power plants and push electricity rates higher.

The bill's supporters say the program is too costly and doesn't provide enough benefits.


Posted 2/26/2014