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Indiana Dunes State Park Interpretive Program Schedule

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June 2019 Indiana Dunes State Park Programs

All programs meet at the Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center

Friday, June 14

10:00 am, High Dunes Hike: Strap on your hiking shoes for this 1-mile hike to the tallest dune in Indiana. You will not only see beautiful views, but learn about both the natural and cultural history of the Indiana Dunes.

3:00 pm, J. D. Marshall Shipwreck: Set anchor at the Nature Center for this program describing one of Lake Michigan’s shipwreck stories.

Saturday, June 15

10:00 am, Turtle Time: Turtle trot on over to learn about the turtles of the dunes where you meet them up-close.

3:00 pm, Spider Show ‘n’ Tell: Learn more about some fascinating arachnids who call the Dunes home.

7:30 pm, Full Moon Hike - Come along with our Naturalists and volunteers for this special hike to Lake Michigan and back. Meet at the Nature Center at 7:30 p.m. for a presentation about our moon along with some “stellar” treats. Hike begins at 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 16

10:00 am, Beach Mysteries: In this fun program you will learn to identify mysteries that wash up on our beach!

3:00 pm, Bird Window B-I-N-G-O: Join the Naturalist at the Nature Center’s bird-viewing room any time during the hour to play this fun identification game for all ages. Prizes awarded!

Monday, June 17

10:00 am, Feed the Birds: Join the Naturalist at the Nature Center to help fill all of the bird feeders!

3:00 pm, Wetland Wander: Discover what animals call our dunes’ wetlands home in this hands-on program.

Tuesday, June 18

10:00 am, Geology Hike: Learn the story behind the dunes ever-changing landscape in this moderate hike.

3:00 pm, Salamander Gander: Come see our short legged, long tailed amphibian friends at the Nature Center. Then we will head out for a short walk where we will roll some logs to try to find some salamanders.

Wednesday, June 19

10:00 am, Bubble Trash: After picking up some litter to help the park, we will have fun discovering how to make bubbles using items we often discard as trash.

3:00 pm, Ant Lion Safari: Join the Naturalist at the Nature Center for this short discovery walk looking for the unique lions of the dunes.

Thursday, June 20

10:00 am, Wild Edibles Walk: Join us for an hour walk exploring delicious dune delicacies found below your feet.

3:00 pm, Spider Show ‘n’ Tell (See June 15)

Friday, June 21

3:00 pm, Sun Fun: This is a SHINING program where you will learn some solar facts and then make a fun craft to take home.

Saturday, June 22

10:00 am, Dunes Creek Hike: On this easy and accessible hike to the beach you will learn the story of our dunes creek and discover some of the plants and animals that call it home.

3:00 pm, Snakes Alive: Slither over to the Nature Center to see some of our snakes up-close and learn more about them.

8:30 pm, Bats: In this fun program, dispel some myths about our only flying mammal as we try to see bats heading out to catch their nightly insect dinners.

Sunday, June 23

10:00 am, Feed the Birds (See June 17)

3:00 pm, Turtle Time: Turtle trot on over to learn about the turtles of the dunes where you meet them up-close.

Monday, June 24

10:00 am, Geology Hike (See June 18)

3:00 pm, Bubble Trash (See June 19)

Tuesday, June 25

10:00 am, To the Blowout and Back: Come out and experience with a Naturalist what was voted by USA Today as Indiana’s most beautiful trail! You’ll learn some history about the Prairie Club who helped save the dunes.

3:00 pm, Glacial Goodies: A special ice cream treat will be served, while supplies last, with toppings to help you learn about glacial drift in the Indiana Dunes landscape.

Wednesday, June 26

10:00 am, High Dunes Hike (See June 14)

3:00 pm, Snakes Alive (See June 22)

Thursday, June 27

10:00 am, Beach Mysteries (See June 16)

3:00 pm, J. D. Marshall Shipwreck (See June 14)

Friday, June 28

10:00 am, Hike to the Governor’s Cottage: Join the naturalist for a moderate history hike to explore the remains of Governor Jackson's cottage near the lakeshore.

3:00 pm, Wetland Wander (See June 17)

Saturday, June 29

10:00 am, Critter Dinner: Stop in to see our Nature Center’s reptiles and amphibians eat their live meals.

3:00 pm, Ant Lion Safari (See June 19)

8:30 pm, Sense-sational Hike: Awaken your 5-senses with hands-on activities to help you be a nocturnal animal.

Sunday, June 30

10:00 am, Feed the Birds (See June 17)

3:00 pm, Photo Scavenger Hunt: We have prizes and a list! Bring a camera or phone for this fun game!



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