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Indiana Do Not Call deadline is February 21

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As the Chesterton Tribune reported on Thursday, the year’s first deadline to register on the Indiana Attorney General’s “Do Not Call” list is Feb. 21.

What the Tribune did not report--because the statement released by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office did not explicitly make note of--is the number for folks to call to get on the “Do Not Call” list.

That number is (317) 232-6201. Then press 2 on the options menu.


Or register online at


The Tribune regrets the omission.



Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is announcing the first of four Do Not Call registration deadlines in 2017 as part of a new telephone privacy campaign aimed at protecting Hoosiers from phone scams: “Do Not Call/Do Not Answer.”

Indiana residents have until Feb. 21 to register their information with the Indiana Attorney General Office’s “Do Not Call” list. This step will help you avoid calls from telemarketers beginning April 1.

“Nobody has time for unwanted phone calls soliciting unwanted goods and services,” Hill said. “Register your phone number on our Do Not Call list and limit the ridiculous phone calls that interrupt dinner with your family, pull you away from important meetings at work and distract you while you’re driving.”

Meanwhile, Hill launched a new telephone privacy campaign this week aimed at safeguarding Hoosiers from scammers claiming to be law enforcement officers or IRS agents and demanding money and personal information. Often, Hoosiers are tricked into compromising their personal identity by providing sensitive information such as Social Security and bank account numbers.

“Do Not Call/Do Not Answer” will be the blueprint to combat unwanted phone calls from telemarketers as well as criminals.

Still, even if you’re registered on the Do Not Call list, you’re still likely to receive calls from random, unknown numbers. The easiest way to avoid dealing with those phone calls--whether it’s a telemarketer or a scammer--is simply by ignoring call.

“Do Not Call/Do Not Answer is an easy concept,” Hill said. “Sign up for the Do Not Call list and lessen your chances of being contacted by a telemarketer. Then, if you still have unknown numbers calling, do not answer. If the phone call is that important, the caller will leave a voicemail, or better yet that person will text you. Don’t subject yourself to the sort of vulnerability that comes with scammers trying to swindle you over the phone, demanding credit card numbers or private information. If you don’t know the number, just don’t answer.”

The Do Not Call list will eliminate most but not all telemarketing calls. Under Indiana law, Hoosiers on the Do Not Call list may still be contacted by certain groups such as insurance agents, newspapers, realtors, and most charities.

Do Not Call list registration is free for Indiana residents and available for residential land lines, wireless numbers, prepaid wireless numbers used primarily in Indiana, and voice over internet protocols (VOIP) better known as “robocalls.” Registration secures your phone number’s spot on the Do Not Call list unless you move or change any of your personal information.

Do Not Call list registration deadlines occur every three months beginning Feb. 21. You may register your information with the office’s Do Not Call list at any time; however, you will likely receive calls from telemarketers until the list is once again available to telemarketers. For example, if you miss the first registration deadline on Feb. 21, you may still register on Feb. 22 but your number won’t be on the Do Not Call list belonging to telemarketers until July 1. This is why it’s important to register by Feb. 21, ensuring your number will be on the list effective April 1.

If contacted by someone attempting a scam over the phone, please visit or call (800) 382-5516.


Posted 2/9/2017




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