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Indiana crash survivors say driver was urged 'go faster' by doomed front seat passenger

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DALEVILLE, Ind. (AP) Two teenagers who survived a sport-utility crash that killed three people have told police a front-seat passenger repeatedly urged the driver to "go faster" before the deadly 100 mph crash.

Lt. Arlan Johnson of the Delaware County Sheriff's Department told the Star Press that crash survivors Trace Joiner and Jessica DeLong, both 13, told investigators that front-seat passenger Kent Kalley repeatedly urged driver Lisa H. Crane to accelerate.

"They said that Kent told Lisa to go faster like five or six times," said Johnson, a member of the county's crash reconstruction team.

He said Joiner and DeLong described their fear as Kalley and Case appeared to try to "have fun" with the four children in the car. Shortly before the crash, he said that Joiner, who was riding in the back seat, asked Case and Kalley to let him out of the vehicle or slow down, to which Kalley replied, "No; this will be fun."

The teens also said Kalley urged Case, who was his girlfriend, to run a stop sign that was just ahead on the road, telling her "go ahead and run it; there's nobody coming."

Just before the SUV reached that stop sign, however, it hit a dip in the road and became airborne going faster than 100 mph, Johnson said. The vehicle slammed into a retaining wall and then rolled over several times before landing upright among several large boulders.

Sunday's crash near the central Indiana community of Yorktown killed Case and Kalley, both 47, and 12-year-old Andrew Lackey. Kalley's 13-year-old daughter, Savannah Kalley, also survived the crash. All three survivors were airlifted to Indianapolis-area hospitals.

"These were poor decisions that led to some serious consequences," Johnson said of the crash.



Posted 3/14/2013