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Indiana House approves right-to-work bill

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Associated Press

NDIANAPOLIS (AP) Indiana's Republican-controlled House of Representatives has cleared the way for Indiana to become the first right-to-work state in the traditionally union-heavy Rust Belt.

The House voted 54-44 Wednesday to make Indiana the nation's 23rd right-to-work state after Democrats ended a periodic boycott which had stalled the measure for weeks. The right-to-work proposal would ban unions from collecting mandatory representation fees from workers.

Indiana would mark the first win in 10 years for national right-to-work advocates who have pushed unsuccessfully for the measure in other states following a Republican sweep of statehouses in 2010.

The measure is expected to face little opposition in the Republican-controlled Indiana Senate and could reach Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels' desk shortly before the Feb. 5 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.


Indiana House vote on right-to-work bill
The Associated Press

The 54-44 roll call Wednesday by which the Indiana House voted to approve the right-to-work bill.

Voting yes were 54 Republicans and 0 Democrats.

Voting no were 39 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

Republican Yes

Baird, Behning, Borders, Bosma, Tim Brown, Burton, Cherry, Clere, Crouch, Culver, Davis, Davisson, Dodge, Eberhart, Ellspermann, Espich, Foley, Friend, Frizzell, Frye, Gutwein, Heaton, Heuer, Hinkle, Kirchhofer, Knollman, Koch, Kubacki, Lehe, Lehman, Leonard, Lutz, Mahan, McClain, McMillin, McNamara, Morris, Neese, Noe, Pond, Rhoads, Richardson, Milo Smith, Speedy, Steuerwald, Thompson, Torr, Truitt, Turner, Ubelhor, VanNatter, Wesco, Wolkins, Yarde

Democrats No

Austin, Bardon, Bartlett, Battles, Bauer, Charlie Brown, Candelaria Reardon, Cheatham, Crawford, Day, DeLaney, Dembowski, Dobis, Dvorak, Fry, GiaQuinta, Goodin, Grubb, Harris, Kersey, Klinker, Lawson, Moseley, Moses, Niezgodski, Pelath, Pierce, Porter, Pryor, Reske, Riecken, Vernon Smith, Stemler, Stevenson, Sullivan, Summers, VanDenburgh, Welch, White

Republicans No

Bacon, Dermody, Karickhoff, Saunders, Soliday

Those not voting

Republican: Messmer; Democrat: Pflum



Posted 1/25/2012