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Consumers penalized for posting truthful online reviews should contact Indiana Attorney General

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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is asking consumers to contact his office if they have been penalized for posting truthful online reviews of goods or services they have received.

Hill’s request comes on the heels of a Dec. 15 lawsuit filed in Brown County by the Office of the Attorney General against Abbey Management Inc., a business which maintained a written policy of charging consumers an additional $350 and threatening them with legal action in the event they posted negative reviews.

Abbey Management charged at least one consumer this additional fee after she posted a negative review, the Attorney General’s Office said, and Abbey Management’s “actions in maintaining and enforcing this policy were unfair, abusive, and deceptive--and they violated Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.”

“People have the right to truthfully complain about bad service,” Hill said. “They certainly should not be afraid they might be penalized for exercising this right. If you believe you have suffered retaliation or been threatened as a result of posting a truthful review, please contact our office and we will investigate your complaint.”

In Indiana, persons may file consumer complaints with the Attorney General’s Office by going online to or by calling (800) 382-5516.


Posted 12/22/2017




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