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Coats votes no on gun bill

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U.S. Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., has issued the following statement after voting against a procedural measure to proceed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s firearms legislation (S.649).

“I believe it is both the duty of our government and society to work together to protect children and keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and those with mental illness issues who could cause harm to others,” Coats said on Thursday. “I welcome an open and fair debate on sensible ways to do that without punishing law-abiding citizens for exercising their Second Amendment rights. The Reid-Schumer bill goes too far and expands the government’s power to regulate, monitor, and control the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms. I am working with my colleagues on proposals to improve our current background check system and the enforcement of current laws. Additionally, while we cannot prevent all acts of violence, we need to work to address the mental health gaps that exist in our society.”


Posted 4/12/2013