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Chuck Moseley bill would expedite divorces in domestic violence cases

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Courts would be able to expedite final hearings in divorce cases involving domestic violence under legislation co-authored by State Rep. Chuck Moseley, D-Portage.

House Bill 1014, which passed unanimously out of the House, looks to protect persons filing for divorce from abusive spouses by allowing courts to dissolve a marriage at any time after the spouse has petitioned for divorce. Current law prohibits a court from conducting a final hearing or entering a summary dissolution decree earlier than 60 days after a petition or counter-petition has been filed.

“This bill protects the rights of women in divorce cases by offering them additional protection from their abusive husbands, as well as extending this protection to any children in these homes,” Moseley said.

The bill would expedite the process of divorce cases where one party has been found guilty of committing crimes of domestic violence or child abuse.

“Too often I’ve seen women find the courage to leave these abusive homes but the victimization does not stop after the termination of the relationship,” Moseley said. “This legislation will help protect the women and children who escape these toxic relationships.”

Moseley added that the protection offered in this bill to victims of domestic violence would be a large step forward in curbing domestic violence cases.

The bill now moves to the Senate for further action.



Posted 2/13/2104