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Candidates call for special session to address virus

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Members of 25 Women For 2020, who are seeking office in the Indiana State Legislature with the goal of affordable health care for all Hoosiers, have asked Governor Holcomb to call a special legislative session to address the health care and financial needs of Hoosiers, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In part, the letter reads as follows: “Hoosiers must set partisan politics aside and come together to pass legislation that will address the immediate and devastating impacts of COVID-19. Access to affordable health care for all Hoosiers can be a life-or-death issue, now more than ever, as we face the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Immediate expansion of Medicaid funding would provide these Hoosiers with the health care that they desperately need during this public health emergency.”

Signers include the following members of 25 Women For 2020: Alyssa Bailey, HD 62; Tabitha Bartley, SD7; Maureen Bauer, HD 6; Theresa Bruno, SD 28; Juli Dominguez, SD 16; Angela Elliott, HD 93; Laura Fred-Smith, SD 18; Tiffany Grant, HD 60; Ashley Klein, HD 39 ; Julie Morgan Snider, HD 33; Amie Neiling, HD 32; Tonda Pauley, HD 78

; Deb Porter, HD 4; Amanda Qualls, HD 49; Cindy Reinert, HD 58; Aimee Rivera Cole, HD 37; Paula Staley, HD 65; Bianka Tinklenberg, HD 17; Cinde Wirth, HD 59; Shelli Yoder, SD 40; Erica Scott-Lawrence, HD 72 and State Rep. Pat Boy, HD 9.


Posted 3/30/2020




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