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BMV to credit drivers overcharged for licenses

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Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles said Friday that motorists charged too much for driver's licenses will receive credit for the amount they were overcharged, though an Indianapolis lawyer representing drivers said that would not stop an ongoing lawsuit.

BMV Commissioner R. Scott Waddell said Friday in a statement that the agency will "immediately" credit the affected motorists' accounts. The next time a resident pays for a service at the BMV, the credit will show on their bill.

"In order to make Hoosiers whole, we believe it is important to return the overcharge directly to those who have been impacted. It is the right thing to do," Waddell said. He didn't specify how many drivers will receive the credit.

Irwin Levin, the lawyer who first exposed the alleged $30 million in overcharging in a class-action lawsuit, called Friday's announcement a "political" move designed to gloss over the state's faults.

The BMV said in May in response to that lawsuit that it "may have inadvertently" overcharged drivers for licenses.

"They got caught with their pants down," Levin said.

Levin said the state still owes some drivers another $2.50 wrongfully charged fees and should also pay interest. Levin plans to depose Waddell soon for the continuing lawsuit and said he is still seeking state records that could show the BMV charged too much on purpose.

A BMV spokesman did not immediately respond to Levin's charges that Friday's announcement was a political move.


Posted 7/12/2013