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86 percent of Indiana 3rd graders pass reading test

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) - More than five of every six Indiana third-graders have passed the mandatory state reading test before promotion to the fourth grade, the Indiana Department of Education announced.

Results show 86.1 percent of third-graders passed this springs Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination exam, or IREAD-3, department spokesman Daniel Altman said Thursday.

The new results compare with 85.7 percent of students passing the exam in 2012, the first year it was given, Altman said.

Third graders are reading to learn and no longer learning to read, Amanda Michel, third grade teacher at Vogel Elementary in Evansville, told the Evansville Courier and Press. Teachers there encourage students to read 20 minutes a day, and third grade teachers provided a binder of exercises to practice with at home, she said.

"We all feel like it was a major commitment from home and school," Michel said. "We definitely needed the parent support to feel confident that the students had what they needed ... I feel like that (the practice binder) helped a lot and gave the parent something they could physically do other than just read with their student at home."

Two-thirds of IREAD-3 covers reading comprehension in which pupils read fiction and nonfiction passages, then must demonstrate an understanding of them. Literary text questions may include story plot, character traits and development, and identifying a theme. The other third of the exam tests pupils vocabulary skills and word recognition.

State law requires those who did not pass the test to repeat third grade. However, those pupils that did not pass have a second opportunity this summer; and waivers may be offered through September in certain cases for students in special education, those who still are learning English, or for students with an individualized education plan or individual learning plan.


Posted 5/17/2013