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State Senator Karen Tallian announces two new laws

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State Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, is announcing two new laws, enacted in the last session of the General Assembly, which will affect Hoosiers.

Military Members and Veterans

House Enrolled Act 577 will reduce the university tuition benefit provided to children of disabled veterans under an existing state program.

That benefit is now based on the parent's disability level as determined by the VA. Since 1935, Indiana has paid 100 percent tuition and normal fees for the children of disabled or deceased vets for post-secondary education at a state college or university.

Buy-Local Program

for State Government

House Enrolled Act 1183 expands the opportunity for local Hoosier businesses to gain contract opportunities with the state. By giving in-state businesses a preference in the bidding process, the new law promotes the idea that state agencies will be able to use their purchasing power to help Indiana companies that employ Hoosiers and contribute to local economies.

Approved with bipartisan support, the new law provides a preference for purchases made by a state agency for supplies that are manufactured, assembled, or produced by an Indiana business located within the state. It also provides a preference for agriculture products grown or processed in Indiana. The governor recently signed this act into law, and it will become effective July 1.


“This year the Indiana General Assembly passed, and Governor Daniels immediately signed, legislation that substantially diverts money from traditional public schools and funnels funds to private schools and charter schools,” Tallian noted. “I oppose both bills.”




Posted 6/6/2011




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