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Brown's bill to ban smoking in public places clears House

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The Indiana House has passed a revised version of a bill authored by State Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, to ban smoking in public places.

H.B. 1131 would prohibit smoking in public areas, enclosed work spaces, and certain state vehicles. The bill would also require the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to enforce this prohibition.

“My goal with this bill is to give Hoosier smokers the encouragement they need to quit,” Brown said. “Most people will continue to feed their bad habits unless there is a penalty or incentive.”

The bill would exempt gaming facilities such as casinos, racinos and race tracks.

Persons who violate the smoking ban would commit a Class B infraction, under the bill. If caught and convicted, a violator could incur a fine of up to $1,000. It would also be a Class A infraction if the violator had three unrelated prior offenses, with a fine of up to $10,000. “There is countless evidence that smoking is bad for you. This bill aims to keep Hoosiers safe from second-hand smoke and to try to get smoking Hoosiers to quit,” Brown said.

The House passed the bill with a 73-26 vote. The bill now moves to the State Senate.


Posted 2/3/2010




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