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Editorial: Your government in action tomorrow

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The following is a Chesterton Tribune Editorial


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Tomorrow the Porter County Convention Recreation and Visitor Commission is expected to vote on a resolution regarding the deal to hand over the Indiana Dunes State Park pavilion to a private group headed by PCCRVC board member and Republican Party official Chuck Williams.

The meeting is set for 5 p.m. at the Porter County Opera House in Valparaiso following a public PCCRVC business meeting at 4 p.m.

As previously reported in this newspaper, opponents from throughout the county are planning to attend and speak out against project.

The meeting is a lose, lose event for county tourism.

If board members vote in favor, they anger thousands of area residents and appear to endorse an ethically-challenged Indiana government.

If they vote against, members may have to explain themselves to the Northwest Indiana Forum (see editorial above.)

The PCCRVC is a government agency funded by tax dollars.

PCCRVC board members are appointed by officials elected by us.

Their budget is approved by the Porter County Council, also elected by us.

Board reappointments and the shape of the PCCRVC budget should depend on the outcome tomorrow.

Watch this newspaper for information on how to speak out on the tourism budget and how you can apply to serve on the PCCRVC board.


Posted 7/15/2015




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