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USS: Sheen in Burns Waterway not a threat

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U.S. Steel Corporation (USS) is saying that the “sheen” observed at one of its Midwest Plant outfalls in the Burns Waterway on Friday, Sept. 6, did not pose a risk to either the public or the environment.

But USS did not identify the substance specifically or the source of the substance, in an update released after deadline on Monday.

The statement in full:

“On Friday, Sept. 6, we detected a light, intermittent oil sheen at one of the outfalls at our Midwest Plant. We promptly notified local and regulatory authorities.

“The sheen was contained by measures enacted immediately and dissipated Friday evening. Testing results received today revealed that all levels were below our permitted discharge limits.

“Safety and environmental stewardship are our top priorities, and we continue to investigate the cause of the sheen.

“The matter did not result in any risk of harm to the public or the environment.”

Late on Friday, the Indiana American Water Company (IAWC) took its Ogden Dunes treatment facility out of service in response to the sheen--what it called a “chemical spill”--although IAWC did say on Monday morning that continuous real-time testing has shown “no impact on the raw water parameters we are monitoring for at this location or on our finished water quality.”

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management, for its part, has so far released no statement on the incident.


Posted 9/10/2019




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