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State vote on Pavilion alcohol permit tabled

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The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) wants more time to weigh Pavilion Partners LLC’s application for an alcohol permit at its restaurant and banquet facility at Indiana Dunes State Park.

On Tuesday, the ATC agreed to table a vote on the matter until its July 21 meeting, President David Cook told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Although Cook cited a “variety of different reasons,” the biggest seems to be a lack of time to give both the application and a number of remonstrating e-mails due consideration.

The petitioner’s physical file itself didn’t arrive at the ATC’s offices until Tuesday morning, Cook noted, and he and his colleagues felt they needed more time to “review and understand” the lengthy lease agreement between Pavilion Partners and the Department of Natural Resources.

Pavilion Partners’ application for a permit was kicked upstairs to the ATC after the Porter County Alcoholic Beverage Commission voted 2-2-1 on June 11, when Member Kenard Taylor--the potential tie-breaking vote--recused himself on the ground that Dunes State Park is located outside of his representative district in Valparaiso.

Voting in favor of the permit were Ralph Levi and, representing the State Excise Police, Jamie Patrick. Voting against the permit were Edward Fritz and Rudy Sutton.





Posted 6/24/2015




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