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Social distancing: Seeking steelhead in steel country

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The Chesterton Tribune caught Ed Landmichl catching steelhead trout out of Coffee Creek Monday afternoon.

Landmichl is a Lake Michigan charter boat captain by trade and has taken time off from his day-job driving trucks since the COVID-19 stay-at-home order went into place. "I figure my wife's life and my life are worth more than the job," he said.

Landmichl said fishing is great stress relief, and his advice for catching creek steelhead is to find deep pools and fish close to the bottom with small lures or salmon roe. He said a good-sized net is also essential for the high-flying steelhead, which are known to exceed 15 pounds in Northwest Indiana creeks.

Steelhead can easily jump three feet out of the water and like to dive under logjams once hooked, as this reporter witnessed when Landmichl hooked into his second fish. It was gone in three expert maneuvers, but as Landmichl said, "That's fishing."


Posted 4/8/2020





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