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Shirley Heinze bog new state nature preserve

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The Indiana Natural Resources Commission (NRC) approved the designation of Lydick Bog Nature Preserve in St. Joseph County at its meeting Tuesday at Fort Harrison State Park.

The action increases to 288 the number of state-designated sites protected by the Nature Preserves Act.

Acquired by the Shirley Heinze Land Trust in 2015, Lydick Bog’s 176.46 acres--comprising 85 acres of upland forest, 65 of wetlands, and 20 of former agricultural land--provides an extremely rare habit in Northern Indiana and feature freshwater wetlands interspersed with ridges and islands of upland forest. The wetlands are classified into four distinct types: a large bog along the northeastern section of the property, emergent wetlands, shrub-dominated emergent wetlands, and an ephemeral pond along the north-central portion of the property. The southern border of the property includes the northern shore of North Chain Lake.

In other business on Tuesday, the NRC also granted final adoption of proposed amendments to 312 IAC 18-3-25, which will designate additional invasive terrestrial plants as pests or pathogens. This rule will prohibit and restrict the introduction, sale, distribution, and transport of these invasive terrestrial plants.

The NRC is an autonomous board that addresses topics pertaining to the DNR. NRC members include the DNR director, heads of three other state agencies (Environmental Management, Tourism Development, and Transportation), six citizens appointed by the governor on a bipartisan basis, the chair of the DNR’s advisory council, and the president of the Indiana Academy of Science.


Posted 1/17/2019




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