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Save the Dunes and DNR win grant to re-forest Dunes State Park campground

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has been awarded a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant for a tree planting project in the Indiana Dunes State Park campground, Save the Dunes has announced.

In recent years, a large scale die-off of trees has occurred in the campground “due to a lack of age diversity in the trees,” Save the Dunes said. “Through funding from the GLRI, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources will re-forest the campground area with approximately 80 new trees of varying ages and species. While a number of species will be planted, predominantly red, white, and black oak, all species will be native.”

Replacing dying trees with healthy ones will do the following, Save the Dunes said:

* Help stabilize the nearshore habitat along Dunes Creek.

* Reduce erosion and resulting sedimentation loads in Dunes Creek and thus in Lake Michigan as well.

* Provide wildlife habitat.

* Help regulate temperatures in the campground.

* And enhance visitor experience.

“Providing the best experience possible at the State Park is crucial in attracting and maintaining visitors, and a comfortable, secluded, and aesthetically pleasing campground is an important component of visitor experience,” Save the Dunes said.

The GLRI grant was secured as a collaborative effort between Save the Dunes and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Noted Cathy Martin, parks program coordinator at Save the Dunes says, “The Indiana Dunes State Park is an ecological and recreational asset to Northwest Indiana, and Save the Dunes is happy to see the park receiving the funding and care it deserves. The tree planting project will benefit habitat in the campground, help protect Dunes Creek and Lake Michigan from erosion, and ensure that visitors continue to have a pleasant experience camping at the Indiana Dunes State Park for years to come.”

“Save the Dunes is thrilled to offer support to both the Indiana Dunes State Park and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore through locating and securing funding, leveraging volunteer efforts, and bolstering appreciation for the parks,” said Nicole Barker, executive director of Save the Dunes. “We are incredibly grateful for the partnerships we have maintained and strengthened with the parks, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

“This is yet another great example of a natural resource conservation and management project that will be achieved through partnerships at Indiana Dunes State Park, and we appreciate the cooperation and support provided by GLRI and Save the Dunes,” DNR spokesperson Ginger Murphy said.

Planting activities for the project will likely take place in spring of 2015.



Posted 10/28/2014




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