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Portage Parks Foundation buys land along Salt Creek

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A 130-acre parcel that includes a segment of Salt Creek in Portage has been acquired for preservation purposes by the Portage Parks & Recreation Foundation.

The property, unofficially being called Brennan Woods, is located in an area bounded by Brentwood subdivision on the west, the CSX railroad tracks on the north, the old “Curry Farm” and the Indiana Toll Road on the south, and the property owned by the Kitchell family on the east. The property is a short distance west of Ind. 149.

A press release by the Parks Foundation states that the property contains a variety of natural features, including Salt Creek, which flows through the middle of the land, and a series of lowlands, marsh land and a small lake. On the east side of the creek, the land rises up to a highland area with large stands of old trees. The property is rich in wildlife, trees and native plants, the foundation said.

Plans to acquire the property began more than two years ago, when the past president of the park foundation, attorney Karen Tallian, began negotiations with the property owner, Richard Brennan. The property was acquired from Brennan through grants from the Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Management Zone and the Indiana Heritage Trust Fund, which is funded largely in part by the environmental license plates.

Brennan also donated what could not be raised through the grants.

The property will be preserved as a natural and conservation area. The foundation intends to mark some trails, with plans to create more substantial trails using mulch chips or decking.

The trail might take visitors to the small marsh lake, with a lookout for bird watching, or to a spot along Salt Creek for public access, either for fishing or kayaking.


Posted 11/16/2005