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Portage mayor says high water threatens Lake Michigan park

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PORTAGE, Ind. (AP) - A Northwest Indiana mayor said his police and fire departments want to close a city-managed lakefront pavilion that many people use to enter Indiana Dunes National Park.

Portage Mayor John Cannon said the rising waters of Lake Michigan threaten the $17 million Lakefront Park and Riverwalk.

Park Superintendent Paul Labovitz tells The (Northwest Indiana) Times that high waves on the lake breached a dune adjacent to the pavilion for the first time last week, and waves were seen rushing into the area again Monday.

Cannon says police and fire officials say they donít have the equipment needed to reach anyone caught in the breached area,

Cannon also fears the pavilionís foundation is at risk since the nearby dune has been breached.


Posted 11/13/2019





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