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Editorial: Pavilion project a black eye for Indiana as NWI unity takes another hit

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A puzzling question is why there is not more official outrage at the no-bid contract and the official cover-up in Indiana’s decision to put a conference center on the beach at the Dunes State Park.

As hundreds of area residents in Duneland, Northwest Indiana and around the state are making their opposition known, state officials from both political parties are largely sitting on their hands.

Indiana Department of Natural Resource officials at the highest level worked to keep the public in the dark as they developed a plan to gut the historic pavilion and add two new buildings to Northwest Indiana’s premier attraction.

Knowing they could never get approval for funding from the democratically-elected Indiana Legislature they chose to go with a privatization scheme that granted the public’s land to a Republican state official for private gain for up to 65 years.

Deals like this are why citizens lose faith in their elected officials and community leaders.

A case in point is Tuesday’s endorsement of the project by the Northwest Indiana Forum.

The Forum move is a vote for the worst form of crony socialism which uses government power to enrich the politically connected few. It is more like what we would expect from Putin’s Russia than the Hoosier State.

The forum chose to reinforce Northwest Indiana’s much-deserved reputation for political corruption rather than defend the quality of life of region residents.

Meanwhile a few are keeping to the high ground, praise goes to Republicans, like Chesterton Town Council member Jim Ton, who has questioned the project, and Democrats, like State Rep. Chuck Moseley and Porter County Council member Sylvia Graham, who are not afraid to speak out for good and honest government.


Posted 7/15/2015




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