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Pavilion Partners respond to PEER press statement about Indiana DNR obligations to National Park Service

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Editor's Note: The following is a letter to the editor from the Friday, December 11, 2015 printed Chesterton Tribune:


In a recent letter, the National Park Service provided details that are more than 2 years old to a poorly- informed activist group.

The process of a state purchasing land as part of a federal conversion process is nothing new – states include funds to purchase land to add to existing parks as part of their regular budgets - and this has long been part of Indianaís overall plan for this project, as noted in the NPS letter.

The very point of the environmental assessment currently being conducted is to determine, among other things, the amount of land affected by this public-private project and how much land will have to be converted - again, information that is outlined in the NPS letter.

Itís unfortunate that certain activist groups would prefer to mislead the public with erroneous and outdated information, rather than working with state officials to identify the best ways this project - which has already resulted in more than $1 million in public benefits - can best continue to benefit the public once itís complete.

Pavilion Partners


For the original item referenced above see: Group: NPS finds Dunes State Park banquet center noncompliant use of federally regulated public land


Posted 12/11/2015




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