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Pavilion Partners paying DNR to maintain beach comfort station

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Dunes Action is crying foul after DNR employees were recently seen providing maintenance services at the comfort station built at Indiana Dunes State Park beach by Pavilion Partners LLC.

Under the terms of the LLC’s lease with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Pavilion Partners is responsible for providing--at its own cost--“cleaning, janitorial, and supply services for the required public restroom/shower facility.”

Pavilion Partners built the comfort station in 2015, to replace the one in the gutted Pavilion.

In fact, however, the DNR says that the decision was made this year to replace the LLC’s janitorial contractor--which did maintain the restrooms in 2015 and 2016--with DNR employees, in order to provide better, more punctual service. DNR also says that Pavilion Partners is fully compensating the DNR both for man-hours and for materials like toilet paper and hand soap.

DNR Director of Communications Phil Bloom released the following statement this morning to the Chesterton Tribune: “Under the lease contract, Pavilion Partners is responsible for maintaining the comfort center at Indiana Dunes State Park. In 2015 and 2016, Pavilion Partners met that obligation by hiring an outside company. This summer, PP is instead partnering with DNR staff at the park to perform the duties. Because DNR staff already are on site, they can complete necessary maintenance in a timely fashion as well as respond promptly to special situations. Pavilion Partners is reimbursing DNR fully for staff time and materials.”

Dunes Action brought the issue to the Tribune’s attention after deadline on Friday. In an e-mail Dunes Action member Norm Hellmers stated that two DNR employees were first observed at the comfort station on July 12 and, when questioned, said that they were replacing toilet paper holders.



Posted 7/18/2017






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