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Park Service announces fee changes at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

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The National Park Service (NPS) will implement changes this year to certain fees at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, following the public’s opportunity last fall to comment on the proposed changes.

The fees were determined through application of NPS laws and policies, a comparison to those charged for similar services in this region, and public input.

The 2011 services and fees are:

•Camping at the Dunewood Campground will remain unchanged at $15 a day with discounts for those with federal lands senior and disabled visitor passes.

•A new group camping site will be developed within the National Lakeshore. This service is in response to public requests for a group campsite which can accommodate groups larger than the eight-person sites in the park’s Dunewood Campground. When the campsite is developed the charge for group use of the site will be $30 per night. The location of the site has not yet been determined and there will be an opportunity for public comment on proposed locations.

•New kayak lockers will be installed at the shore to allow visitors to secure kayaks overnight. The fee for using the lockers will be $5 per day.

•Due to restrictions in the regulations authorizing the NPS to collect fees, there will no longer be an option for an annual pass at West Beach. Technically, the fee at West Beach is an “expanded amenity fee” for the bath house and the life guards provided at that site. Under current regulations, annual passes cannot be offered for expanded amenity fees.

•The fee for summer use of West Beach will, however, remain at $6 per car and $20 per bus, while the $1 fee for pedestrian entry or a bicycle entry will be eliminated.

•The proposed per-event fee of $250 for group use of park facilities, including the pavilion at the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk site, was dropped from consideration after public comments. The proposed fee of $5 per car for special events, such as the Duneland Heritage Days, was not approved by the Director of the National Park Service.



Posted 1/7/2011




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