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NWI Forum endorses banquet center; calls State Park beach 'underutilized asset'

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The Northwest Indiana Forum (NIF) has come out for the construction of a banquet facility at the Indiana Dunes State Park beach.

At its June meeting, NIF’s Managing Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution endorsing both the renovation of the Pavilion and the addition of a “conference/banquet center,” according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The board voted on that resolution following a presentation on the “benefits of the projects” made by representatives of the investors, Pavilion Partners LLC, the statement said.

NIF’s Public Policy Committee had previously recommended the project in a report which states, in part, that “Pavilion Partners is making a substantial private investment in an underutilized public asset.”

The report continues: “The partnership is comprised of a qualified team of professionals that are engaged and actively working with the multitude of diverse constituencies interested in this project. . . . This project represents a significant opportunity to grow the economic opportunities from hospitality, create a highly desired destination, and reclaim an asset that can continue to improve and reinforce this area’s image as a fun, safe and family-friendly destination.”

Pavilion Partners LLC, Tuesday’s statement added, is “providing a significant financial investment to Northwest Indiana to bring residents and tourists the amenities sparsely found along the lakefront: restrooms, showers, lockers, restaurants and other beach related concessions.”

NIF’s board did ask Pavilion Partners LLC to present “more detailed plans and renderings for the conference/banquet center portion of the project” at a future meeting, the statement noted.

“We are excited to see the investment on the lakefront and enhanced attraction of people to one of our greatest assets,” NIF President and CEO Heather Ennis said. “This project will enrich the experience of millions of visitors to our region.”


Posted 7/15/2015




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