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National Park Service to restore Great Marsh wetlands in Beverly Shores

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The National Park Service (NPS) is planning to restore wetlands at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore’s Great Marsh over the winter and early spring.

According to a statement released on Thursday, the project consists of the removal of fill and other debris comprised of sand, cement, and rubble dumped into the marsh during the 20th century.

Removal of the debris will expose historic peat soils to wetland hydrology and restore ecosystem services such as water purification, water storage, plant and animal habitat, and recreational viewing, NPS said. Regulatory permits to conduct the wetland restoration actions have been obtained from the state and federal agencies as required.

The debris to be removed is scattered over approximately four acres of the Great Marsh, just east and west of Broadway in the Town of Beverly Shores. An NPS archaeologist will be on-site during excavation to protect any archaeological resources that may be unearthed, NPS noted.

“Removal of the pine trees north of the train station is necessary to complete this work but the bald cypress trees along Broadway will be retained,” NPS added. “Removal of the debris may require periodic, short-term closure of the Great Marsh parking lot east of Broadway for safety.”

“Wetland plants, present prior to human modification of the region’s hydrology, will be planted in the restoration area,” NPS said. “These plant assemblages will be the same as those observed in the Great Marsh by early 20th century botanists.”

Questions may be directed to botanist Dan Mason at (219) 395-1553; or to the Acting Chief of Resources Management at the National Lakeshore, Gia Wagner, at (219) 395-1552.


Posted 2/2/2016




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