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NPS public meeting May 17 on restoration of Eastern Great Marsh

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The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing to restore wetland hydrology and native plant assemblages in the Eastern Great Marsh, a historic and extensive wetland located in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

“Great Marsh is located in a dune-beach complex less than one mile from Lake Michigan and is situated between two large dune systems,” NPS said in a statement released this week. “The eastern section of Great Marsh is approximately 500 acres and the proposed restoration is bounded on the north by Beverly Drive and on the south by the Calumet Trail. Historically, Eastern Great Marsh was comprised of a variety of wetland types including a tamarack swamp, sedge meadow, wet-mesic prairie, shallow and deep marsh, and a shallow lake called Fish Lake. Human activities at the site over the last century have resulted in significant alteration to hydrology, plant assemblages, and ecosystem services.”

The NPS is currently preparing an Environmental Assessment for the proposed action, and to fully consider the impacts and thoroughly evaluate alternatives, public input is being sought on the proposed project. A public meeting has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, May 17, in the Park Meeting Room at the National Lakeshore’s headquarters complex, 1100 North Mineral Springs Road in Porter.

At this meeting, NPS staff will present information on the history of the site, the current conditions, and the desired future conditions. In addition, NPS will discuss alternatives that are being considered for achieving the project’s goals. The public will be asked to provide input on the project, including what issues of concern should be investigated in the Environmental Assessment. The meeting is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

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Posted 4/26/2018




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