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No more latex paint to be accepted at hazardous waste collection events

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The Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction Board voted at its Nov. 13 meeting to discontinue accepting latex paint at household hazardous waste mobile collection events.

“Latex paint is not hazardous waste,” said Porter County Recycling Executive Director Therese Haller. “We can no longer afford to take this material that residents can safely throw in the trash.”

Haller said that despite efforts to educate residents to bring only usable latex paint, the district spent $24,000 landfilling unusable latex paint collected at household hazardous waste collection events in 2018 and $16,000 in 2017.

“We hoped accepting usable latex paint at collections would be a convenient service for residents,” Haller said. “Then we would take it to the City of Hobart to help produce recycled latex paint.”

Anyone can purchase the recycled paint from the City of Hobart for $3 per gallon, and the paint is free to non-profit and government organizations.

“Unfortunately residents bring us all their latex paint and don’t differentiate between good and bad product,” Haller said. “The overwhelming majority of latex paint brought to us was bad. For instance, say we took in 1,000 cans of latex paint at a collection, perhaps 30 of them would contain product good enough to be recycled,” she said.

“Our partnership with Hobart will still allow Porter County residents to take their usable latex paint to 340 S. Shelby St. for recycling,” she said. “We will just no longer collect it at our events.”

Residents can also safely dispose of their latex paint in their curbside trash, she said. “If the paint is bad, dried out, old, separated or nasty, it can and should go in your curbside trash.”

She said residents must dry out the paint and place the can and the lid separately in the trash in order for their waste haulers to accept it.

www.PorterCountyRecycling.orghas information on managing unwanted latex paint, she said.

Oil-based paint will continue to be collected at household hazardous waste collection events.

For more information, residents can contact the district 465-3694 or



Posted 1/20/2018




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