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Nearly 4.5 inches of rain over five days

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Nearly four and half inches of rain fell in Duneland over the five days beginning on Friday, April 26, and ending on Wednesday, May 1, according to data collected at the Chesterton wastewater treatment plant.

The five-day total: 4.46 inches, with fully 3.5 inches falling between Monday and Wednesday.

That amount taxed but did not overwhelm the 1.2-million storage basin at the wastewater treatment plant, Chief Operator Bill Williams told the Chesterton Tribune. With a maximum level of 20 feet, he said, the basin was filled to 15.5 feet by combined stormwater and sanitary sewer flow diverted from the system to give the plant time to catch up.

There was, however, no combined sewer overflow into the Little Calumet River, Williams was happy to report, though there certainly would have been in the absence of the storage basin. In short, he said, the basin worked exactly as it was designed to.

“Daily plant flows were close to 6 million gallons--well over the design flow capacity of 4.6 million gallons per day,” Williams added.

The 24-hour period on Monday saw the heaviest rainfall, with 1.33 inches, followed by 1.12 inches on Wednesday and 1.05 inches on Tuesday. A total of 0.96 inches fell on Friday and Saturday. A rainfall total for Thursday was not available this morning.

Although Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported no flooding of roadways in town, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell did say that the ground is super-saturated and that his office received multiple reports from residents of unusual pooling in their yards.



Posted 5/3/2019





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