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National Bike to Work Day is Friday

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National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16, is the centerpiece of a month-long celebration of bicycling, and the State of Indiana wants to recognize all employers, schools, organizations, municipalities, and Hoosiers who embrace this alternate form of transportation.

“Vehicles are the No. 1 source of air pollution today in Indiana,” according to a statement released jointly on Tuesday by several state agencies. “Substituting a car trip with a bike ride or walking to a destination will reduce harmful tailpipe emissions right at the source.”

IDEM Commissioner Thomas Easterly regularly walks to work from his home in Downtown Indianapolis and uses a bicycle for exercise, recreation, and small errands. “Peddle power is good for air quality,” Easterly said.

“The DNR supports Bike to Work Day and especially recognizes those in our agency who bike to work on a regular basis,” Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Director Cameron Clark said. “This day acknowledges the environmental and physical health benefits bike riding provides to individuals and communities. We take pride in the role our agency has in the continued expansion of Indiana’s local trail systems that help make biking to work safe and enjoyable.”

“Bicycle commuting reduces vehicle congestion and saves money on fuel and parking,” the statement said. “If you already ride a bicycle for pleasure, consider using it for errands or even small trips to a store, friend’s house, concert, or restaurant. Remember to observe traffic laws and practice safety tips when bicycling and walking.”

Folks can find useful information on line from organizations such as the League of American Bicyclists at

Beginners can also get advice and learn about local events and cycling organizations at local bike shops.

And the Department of Transportation’s Indiana State Roadway Bicycle Suitability Map-- cyclists about conditions on Indiana highways.

Other transportation alternatives, such as sharing rides and using public transportation, contribute to cleaner air, the statement said. For more information bout public transportation in your community, check on line or contact your local government for information.

Hoosiers can also take these simple steps to reduce emissions when driving.

¥Avoid idling. Rather than waiting in drive-through lanes, park and go inside.

¥When picking up family members, turn off the engine while waiting.

¥Get regular engine tune-ups and inflate tires to the proper pressure.

¥When it’s time to replace your vehicle, choose an energy efficiency model. Information on popular makes is available through U.S. EPA’s Smartway website at

To find more clean air tips, visit the IDEM website at



Posted 5/14/2014