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Letter to the Editor: Problems continue at Indiana Dunes State Park

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The following is a Voice of the People reader opinion

I visited the Indiana Dunes State Park twice this last weekend. I walked through the women's side of the so called "comfort station" and was shocked at what I saw. It has only been open since Memorial Day weekend and the conditions are so disgusting that I can't even write it down. The toilets do not flush even though people have tried. There is toilet paper all over the floor and water (?) is leaking out of the toilets and out of the building. The smell is putrid.

It is my understanding that Pavilion Partners built this view blocking building one year ago without going through the proper federal rules and regulations. They are now in the process of getting proper approval after the fact.

This "comfort station" should not have been built and the old pavilion should not have been gutted. The toilet facilities on the first floor were fine. Just needed upgrading. So now we are approaching the 4th of July and hundreds of beach goers will visit the best state park in the country (2015) only to find a non-functioning and non-attended "comfort station" and five porta potties or as they call them "vault toilets"

This is a showcase year for Indiana with our bicentennial, 100 years of Indiana State Parks, and 50 years of National Parks. Shame on the DNR and where are you Pavilion Partners? Go there and fix it.

Ann Moodie



Posted 6/24/2016






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