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Izaak Walton condemns repeal of Clean Water Rule

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This week, the Trump Administration turned back the clock on 45 years of clean water protections with its proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule. The Izaak Walton League of America, a national conservation group founded by sportsmen and women, condemns these efforts to limit the effectiveness of the Clean Water Act.

"The president has said that the United States will have the 'cleanest water' under his administration Š a goal shared by the Izaak Walton League of America, (IWLA), said Executive Director Scott Kovarovics, “But the administration is directly undermining that goal by repealing the Clean Water Rule.

“The Clean Water Rule is critical to improving and protecting water quality nationwide,” Kovarovics said. “The Rule is based on extensive science and common sense. Common sense tells us it is impossible to improve water quality in our rivers and lakes unless the small streams flowing to them are also protected from pollution.”

“The original intent of the Clean Water Act was to protect all sources of water,” said Jim Sweeney, president of the Porter County Chapter of the League, “It’s not that complicated. To have clean water downstream, you have to protect it upstream.”

“The administration is moving in the wrong direction on conservation, and its actions threaten the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy and hunting, angling, and other outdoor traditions tens of millions of Americans enjoy,” said Kovarovics. “Revoking the Clean Water Rule only sets back efforts to ensure America has the 'cleanest water.'”

For more information on this repeal, please read the full IWLA statement at rollback.pdf?sfvrsn=0#.

Founded in Chicago in 1922, the Izaak Walton League of America protects America's outdoors through education, community- based conservation, and promoting outdoor recreation.


Posted 7/7/2017





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