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Izaak Walton: Dunes State Park 7th best in nation without banquet center

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The news that Indiana Dunes State Park was selected by USA Today as the seventh best state park in the nation was greeted last week by local officers of the Izaak Walton League (IWL).

USA Today readers voted it one of the best state parks out of 6,000 in the United States, without a conference center, without a hotel, and without a Chuck E. Cheese,” State IWL President Tim Russell said. “The public loves that park as it is, the beach, the dunes, the incredible views.”

In March IWL announced its opposition to the 30,000-square foot conference/banquet center which Pavilion Partners LLC, in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, plans to build just to the east of the Pavilion, which Pavilion Partners is also renovating.

“We took a position against it as soon as we heard about it,” Porter County IWL President Jim Sweeney said. “A public beach is not the place for a private, commercial banquet facility.”

Remodeling of the iconic Pavilion started in March and the new building is reportedly a part of the same contract and scheduled to open in 2016.

Russell added that IWL has no problem with the Pavilion’s renovation. “The pavilion is 80 years old, that work is long overdue,” he said. But “we don’t want a private banquet facility on a public beach.”


Posted 4/6/2015




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